On May 21 Indivisible Monroe delegation gave a testimony at the NJ Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing on gun control bills in Trenton.  We advocated for stricter gun safety measures:

A1181 S160 Mental Health Professional Warning – Firearm seizure
A1217 S2259 Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018 (amended)
A2759 S2245 Prohibit use of armor piercing ammunition
A2757 S2374 Private gun sales – require background check
A2758 S2376 Justification for need to carry – conceal carry of handguns (strengthens current law)
A2761 S102 Reduce Ammunition magazines from 15 to 10  bullets (amended)
A3129 S2465 Restrict production of untraceable firearms (new – includes prohibiting 3D printing of firearms)

Legislators involved in promoting these bills alerted that the gun lobby (the NRA, the Second Amendment Society, the NJ Pistol and Rifle Clubs, their members and professional lobbyists) is pushing back hard on the seven gun violence prevention bills above. They are mobilizing grassroots calls, emails, and direct lobbying to members of the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee.

Our presence in force at the hearing countered the gun lobby efforts.