When a large number of voters contact their elected representatives about an important issue, it sends a clear signal of what the constituents care about, and will influence the representatives’ decision-making process.

Even if our elected officials are already on our side, we should still contact them and praise them for doing the right thing, so that they continue to do the right thing.

On the other hand, if we do not contact our representatives, they will know the issue is not important.  In fact, this is what the congressional staffers told us.

Please join our campaigns.  If you would like to join our phone squad, please contact us.


The Democratic party leadership in the NJ legislature is pushing a vote to place a question on the ballot in NJ 2019 elections that would lead to gerrymandering.

Not only did the Dems win all levers of state power and overturn 4 of 5 Republican congressional seats, not only does the state have a decent redistricting formula (can and should be improved), now Dem. leaders are pushing to consolidate their power (behind closed doors and at the speed of legislative light) by drawing district lines that further favor them to ensure “success” for at least a decade.  All this within a brief month starting immediately after Thanksgiving when we were all in Turkey stupor.

This is a change to the state’s constitution!  Do you think a little more thought, consideration and input, public hearings and education should be invested before a regressive change is pushed through?

We fought against gerrymandering in the midterms and we will campaign against it now.  No voter districts based on politicization and power mongering, rather, redistrict based on voters and population information.  As such, we in Indivisible Monroe and its coalition partners join our cohorts in NJ Indivisible, Working Families, the League of Women Voters, Brennan Center, Democrats themselves in strongly opposing this proposal.  As a colleague in CD5 notes: We do NOT need to cheat to win.

First steps:

  • Get ready for a campaign call day this week – we’re bombarding our representatives in advance of the Dec. 17th vote.
  • We’re going to Trenton on Dec. 17 with our partners in advocacy. Plan to come.

For more information, please see the following resources:

Separating Children from Parents

Our members are calling the White House and Jeff Sessions to protest the administration’s immigration policies.

We adamantly oppose the cruel and unnecessary humanitarian crisis created by the administration, which has separated babies, toddlers and children from their parents. We demand to reunite families NOW and end “zero tolerance”. We support safe borders but expect comprehensive immigration policies that meet the needs of the United States and that are humane and rational.

Please contact us if you would like to participate.


Gun Safety Laws

All six of the gun laws we have supported have passed and await Governor Murphy’s signature.

The NRA has gone into overdrive requesting that their members contact the Governor urging him not to sign.

We must overcome their efforts by insisting that the Governor sign the legislation into law.

Please contact Governor Murphy in one of the following ways:

  • Email at constituent.relations@nj.gov
  • Call his office at 609-292-6000
  • Send a postcard to

Honorable Phil Murphy
P. O. Box 001
Trenton, N.J. 08625

Protect Robert Mueller’s Investigation

This week marks one year since Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel, and President Trump is ramping up his attacks on Mueller’s investigation. We have to act now to protect the special counsel’s investigation.

Add your name to call on Congress to protect the integrity of the investigation and prevent a constitutional crisis.