A year ago millions of demonstrators rallied and marched across the country to celebrate the achievements of women, exercise their power of speech, and demand equality in all aspects of life for all. This year’s march in Morristown served as a reminder that we, the people, have the power to vote and effect change.

The Morristown event was attended by 15,000 activists.  Co-hosts of the event included: NJ11th for Change, Action Together NJ, BlueWaveNJ, League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area, Mobilizing Montclair, NJ Citizen Action, and NJ Working Families Alliance.

Indivisible Monroe has also made a local option available for residents to attend a sister rally with State Senator Linda Greenstein and Mayor Jerry Tamburro.  Our goals are to brand and market Monroe Indivisible and to galvanize activists to combat a government agenda that is detrimental to our environment, families, children, seniors, poor and disabled. We are also protesting about how this administration’s policies attack our democracy and endanger our country and its citizens.